Our specialty is in the space of Commercial, Non-resident & Refinancing. However, we can also help with home loans etc.

Here at wizard loans, we believe most people are eligible for a loan. If you aren't eligible for a loan with the big banks, we will work on finding a specialist lender to help you with your needs

The credit requirements are specific to your circumstances and the loan required. We will provide you with guidance after you fill out the request form. It generally only takes 30 seconds to get a rate quote.

Yes, you can, we have great loans specifically for those who are self employed.

We can assist with first home buyers if they have had an issue obtaining finance from the big banks by themselves.

We ask a number of questions to determine the best rates available. There are many things that determine the rate including your income, employment, credit rating, amount your wish to borrow, location of the property and the loan to property value ratio (LVR). 

The Privacy Act 1988 is an important piece of Australian law which protects the collection, storage, use disclosure and security of your personal information. We treat your privacy and with the utmost confidence and comply with all requirements of the Privacy Act 1988. In addition, we also do not share your information with any credit rating agency and applying for a loan with us will not impact your credit rating.

Simply click on the ‘apply now’ button and fill out the small form, Or you can call us.

Interest payments are generally charged in arrears and monthly. we can walk you through a specific example over the phone or email.

Click Loans doesn't charge fees for most of our online products. There may be some 3rd party legal fees such as loan legal fees but we'll always make you aware of these if they apply.

Just contact Us via the phone, email or via the online portal. We'll walk you through the process and be sure you don't need to duplicate all of your documents.

Different loans will require different documents. Your Loan Dashboard will highlight any of the documents you need and if you are having any issues collecting these documents, just contact your Loan Concierge. They are always there to help.